Why Interactive Video Is Set To Be The Next Marketing Trend In Hong Kong
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29 Mar, 17

There is always something new on the market that is predicted to be the next “big trend.”  One new marketing trend that will live up to it’s predicted status as the next “big trend” is interactive video. Why is interactive video different? It is happening right now and making an impact.

Video advertising has gained popularity and proven itself to be a successful advertising tactic over the past few years.

  1. 60 percent of people prefer video over reading text
  2. Video keeps visitors on your website longer
  3. Video is more memorable than written content.

In a recent statistic, it shows the online video consumption rate in Hong Kong in 2016. During the survey period it was found that 46 percent of internet users in Hong Kong watched online videos on a daily basis.

What is Interactive Video?

Interactive video (IV) is a digital multimedia presentation that can take user input to perform some action.  The simplest explanation is a digital video that supports user interaction through gestures, voice, touch, and clicks. Users can interact inside the video itself by playing with game-like experiences, filling out forms, or following along with interactive tutorials.  But IV can be many things.

IV can be shoppable, allowing the user to make purchases within the video; it can be educational, enabling the user to follow a tutorial or complete an HR training; it can be used for marketing, capturing customers’ attention by offering choices; or it can simply act as a source of entertainment, driving deeper engagement through branching video and microsites.

IV for Website

IV combined with the powers of the web, there’s no stopping the reach a campaign can have.  It’s most effective when you’re dealing with bands, luxury brands, fashion shows, advertising campaigns or film and TV, so make your choice wisely.

The benefits of using videos are:

  1. More engaging => Increase time spent on the site
  2. Good branding => Boost the brand value
  3. Better Analytics => Easily track how much time visitors spent watching the video and eventually push forward different calls to action.

See on the following two examples:

Full screen Interactive Video for Rolls Royce Website

Full screen Interactive Video for Dyson Website

IV for Marketing

IV allows marketers to easily create interactive stories that capture customers’ attention by offering choice, and then transforming that choice into a high-converting experience.  According to the recent Forrester report, “Move Beyond Awareness with Interactive Video,” marketers are missing opportunities with IV. Most brands are trading depth of experience and engagement for bulk distribution and the singular goal of awareness when they settle for lowest-common-denominator video formats.

IV for Shopping

With IV, you can transform brand and product videos into scalable shopping experiences. Instead of watching a linear video online that showcases new products, smart brands are incorporating IV into their e-commerce strategies to not only captivate viewers, but also convert their views into sales.

By integrating an e-commerce platform with a website, companies can sit back and let the video do the selling for them. Linking product IDs to any video will allow that product to pop up during video playback, making it easy for the viewer to instantly add it to their shopping cart straight from the video.

IV for Education

From publishing companies to Fortune 50 tech companies, hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on training and education, whether that be product videos or HR videos. IV not only allows you to synthesize tons of video content into one interactive project, it allows you to integrate that with your Learning Management System to track employee compliance or obtain additional information.


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